Brookfield Hills Golf Course Inc

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I play at this course a lot, so I figured I should review it. First thing first, I'll talk about the positives. The layout is really very fun for beginner and intermediate golfers. I'm a bogey golfer and I really enjoy this course. The conditions are much better than the price would suggest, and while the course is short, there are a few holes with some bite. Also If you can go during the week, in the mornings or early afternoon, the course will be mostly empty which is always great.

Now the downsides. On weekends and evenings the course becomes basically unplayable. They pack people in and more than half the patrons at the course probably couldn't spell etiquette, let alone "pace of play", so if you choose to play on a saturday expect a 5+ hour round and to get hit into at least once. Secondly the back nine is (in my opinion) nowhere near as nice as the front, so if you're going to play 9, definitely choose the front.

So in general, the price is just so good it's worth a play for any player in my opinion. It's nice to relax and hit some balls on an easy course sometimes. Gold doesn't always need to be hard!

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A short "Executive" course.  Water on six holes makes it interesting. Par 4's 300-400 yards, back nine has six par 3s (120-180).  Great for beginners who want to take the next step and experience a "real" course that will not beat them down as much as a regular course would.  Exactly why I like taking my kids (12 & 14) there.  Also great for the golfer who doesn't golf on a regular basis and wants to get some work in before letting it loose on a larger/full size course.

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It's a nice little course with mostly par 3's on the back 9. Fun for all! The people that own Brookfield Hills do their best to make you feel welcomed!

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