Brook-Lea Country Club

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I've been to Brook-Lea a number of times in the past, and have always enjoyed my experience here.  I'm honestly not the country club type, so consider my review from that perspective.

The grounds are well kept and pleasant.  There is plenty of parking for larger events.  The pool is fun too!  The clubhouse is well kept and the decor is agreeable as well.  Women's washrooms were clean and well kept.  And though I should expect that from a private club, it's always nice to actually experience it!

The service staff are efficient and courteous. Approximately 220 people attended the event I was at, and the banquet area was packed.  It got a little warm in there, but it was a nice space for the occasion.  Food was served buffet style, and was standard fare for these types of events.  It was adequate, but not anything to rave about.  I did enjoy the steamed vegetables though!  The selection they had for cocktails at this event were respectable too.  

I suppose if you're on the west side and a golfer, you may be interested in membership.  If you're an invited guest you'll enjoy the amenities.

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Place hard to find. Drove by a few times before spotting it. Suggestion to light entrance sign better.
Good selection of food. Salads, pasta station, sirloin carved to order. Desserts forgettable. Canoli was stale.

From Dec 2011

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