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I was in the bridal party for a wedding that took place at the Broadmoor over the weekend.  This golf club is such a nice place to consider getting married (if you like the lush, green, outdoorsy feel.  Or golf).

-The spot for an outdoor wedding overlooks a lower valley with a lot of sky and trees.  A pretty (yet steep) path sweeps down to where the bride can walk to her hubby-to-be.
-Parking is super easy, with a large lot pretty close to the entrance.
-There's an entire upstairs area for the bridal party (or groomsmen ... I GUESS) with ample space for eating lunch, many chairs for a flower girl to nap, and partisians for changing and doing makeup/hair.  
-The club serves breakfast (teensy muffins and some berries..?) and lunch, which is a great spread of salad, small sandwiches (variety) and cookies.  Only bad thing: they SLATHER on the mayo -- are you trying to kill me!?!?  Like literally I think they just stick the bread into the jar of mayonnaise.  Also unfortunately, they took all of the bridal party food as soon as the ceremony started.  BOO!!  Some of us wanted to steal a cookie later in the ceremony and found everything had been removed.  That was OURS, dammit.  Bridesmaids gotta eat.  We like... stand a lot.
-There were plenty of beautiful photo ops for pictures.
-The service for plated food was extraordinary!!  Everyone's plate came out at almost the same time, even though there were more than one choice for entree.  The garlic mashed potatoes and dijon chicken were SO GOOD, we considered grabbing the plates that were going uneaten from missing guests.  (I know that my friends and I sound like heathens who scrape for food on the streets of Agrabah.. we're not.  It was just that good.)

I could imagine Andy Samberg standing in the Broadmoor bar with a martini, asking "Do you like luxury?" with a devilish grin.. and I wouldn't be too surprised.

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Dan, Stephanie, Tim and Zac are excellent at the Pro Shop

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