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Its a cold March morning. My groomsmen and I are groggy from my rehearsal dinner and thinking about If the coolant leak in my self-owned wedding transportation is going to be an issue for my big day. Everyones tuxes are hanging neatly in a row as we wait for the photographer to show up and start taking pictures of us getting ready. they should be here in about an hour and we're all recovering from our fast food breakfast. The Photographers show up. Theyre early and want us to start getting ready but the guys and I havent even evaluated my bus coolant system issue. Guys havent showered, the house is a mess, its too muddy to take pictures outside, and a groomsmen is missing.... Wedding day stress sets in already and It has barely begun.

One thing I know I dont have to stress about is my venue. My incredibly beautiful, loving, and amazing wife(bonus Pts) and I know that after our venue search we picked the right place, Brierwood Country Club. Many wedding venues in Buffalo are nice, but this place is SPECTACULAR!  First things first YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO BOOK THIS VENUE! We were told that many people are not aware of this fact but hear through the grapvine that someone must "sponser you" like most country clubs...not true. Walking into Brierwood with my Fiance, my heart sank because i saw her light up with joy and all I could think was "theres no way we can afford this" I was wrong, We were able upgrade the bar and give all of our guests a DELICIOUS MEAL for LESS than any venue we looked at. The space you are given to use is MASSIVE compared to other venues and the building itself has a beautiful classic charm. If you know that all your Family friends are all going to be dancing, thats fine too because the dance floor at Brierwood is the largest we have seen.

Mandy and the staff are INCREDIBLE from the top down. The Service you recieve on "Your Day" is perfect. They do not settle for adequate service. The waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and busboys are all kind, respectful, and more that willing to do anything you ask without rolling their eyes or mumbling under their breath. They went above and beyond all night and were completely genuine.

Mandy took the reigns on our shotgun wedding and asssured us that she would help us make our wedding everything we wanted, and SHE DID! The whole thing was planned in two months but my wife and I were in contact with Mandy the whole time and she made it very easy and comfortable to plan everything. My wife and I didnt even decide to have chair covers until the day before! Mandy took care of it! She was working hard all day to ensure that we and all our guests had a great experience, and everyone did!  She coordinated with the DJ and Officiant to make sure everything ran smoothly. We were married right inside and Mandy's ideas and layout for our ceremony were so helpful. My Wife and I were able to DECORATE HOWEVER WE WANTED and when I got a moment to step back and take in the whole scene of my wedding. I was teary eyed at just how beautiful everything, besides my wife(more bonus Pts), was. Well done Mandy, Well Done!

Ed, the Executive Chef and the Food & Beverage Director, was just as easy to talk to as Mandy and just as accomodating. We were told by one Venue that we were "unable to try the food beforehand because it was all "homemade" Brierwood layed out a whole spread for us to choose from. We made our choice(not easy, its all good) and OUR GUESTS LOVED THE FOOD! Steaks were COOKED TO ORDER! They asked every single person how they would like theyre steak and NAILED IT! All of our guests told us during our walk around that "The food was great!'  Thats one thing you want to get right! From our past weddings we attended, People always talk about the food! IF YOU DONT WANT TO STRESS ABOUT YOUR FOOD, BRIERWOOD IS THE PLACE and Ed has you covered.We also had chosen Sam Adams Cold snap as our Specialty Beverage and our guests flew through it. Ed kept the bar stocked and the kegs full all night, and our guests really appreciated it(I could tell the next morning)

Needless to say, My Bills tailgate bus, that I was going to use for a limo, idea was scrapped for a REAL limo. I was able to get all my pictures taken, my groomsman showed up and My Wife, My Guests, and Myself were all able to truly enjoy this special day. The Stress, Anxiety, Excitement, and a little bit of worry associated with planning your day so its perfect will be greatly alleviated if you choose Brierwood Country Club.

From one happy Newly-wed couple to all those looking for a special place for your special day, we felt it was our duty to share our wonderful experience. It's our hope that we could help anyone who's looking for the perfect venue find it, whether you use Brierwood or Not! Either way Good Luck and Best wishes is your search!

Jake & Coleen Olszewski-Married March 15, 2014 @ Brierwood C.C.

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My in-laws have had several events here over the years; wedding, christening party, wedding showers, baby showers etc. so I can really only comment on their service and food for their event locale and catering. This site is obviously a golf course and has a spa on site as well.

One event I attended was outdoors but the majority have been indoor events. The food is typical country club catering food. Its not super good, its not bad. It just is. My in-laws are also the most boring eaters on the Earth so that doesn't help either. Everything has always been well prepared, hot/warm or cold like its supposed to be, and everything is clean and well maintained.

There are several rooms that people can book events in so it is really confusing because they don't put signs up minus the wedding but that's only because there were several events that day.

Overall: Good catering food, friendly staff, clean and country club looking decor. I'd hold an event here if I lived close.

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