Brier Creek Country Club

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Great venue for all sorts of events. I've been for presentations, lunches, and New Years parties. Brier Creek CC never falls short of putting on a good show with these types of events. Thumbs up!

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BEST.VENUE.IN.RALEIGH!!! My wedding was PERFECT because of Brier Creek. (SERIOUSLY!!) How often can a bride say that?! My wedding was perfect?! Um...almost never, but I got to say it and Shelly with the whole Brier Creek crew produced the most amazing wedding ever! My husband and I were talking about it the whole way home and so was EVERYONE ELSE at my wedding. SO HAPPY!!

Shelly Keeter was literally the best person to work with ever!! She never hassled me nor did she stress me out about the small stuff. She knows whats she doing and it totally shows!! She was a professional all the way with that great mix of compassionate and understanding. No request was too big and no question was too ridiculous with Shelly...she made me feel like I wasn't a crazy bride but a calm one. (Now you've read my reviews, and we know that is not true, but Shelly made me feel like I was being normal!  That's a super hard thing to do ya'll!! hahahah!!) I got GREAT service 100% of the time and I never felt like she was pushing me to do anything. It was such a pleasure to work with Brier Creek and it was all because of Shelly. She is literally the calmest person I have ever worked with in the wedding industry ever! Working as a planner occasionally, I have dealt with some crazy venues and Brier Creek seemed too good to be true but it wasn't! The bubble NEVER bursted. From start to finish they were a class act and they were literally so easy!

The venue itself was SERIOUSLY so beautiful. The golf course and the outdoor venue to get married was what COMPLETELY sold me!! Although, I ended up getting married inside, but the fire place and lighting was MORE than I could ever dreamed of!! Shelly gave me a choice on whether or not I wanted it inside or outside since it was so cold, and I thought inside would have been nicer for my guests. I am SO glad I picked the inside, because everyone who came to my wedding was comfortable, happy and thought it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever seen. (Oh course guests would say that right?! I one is going to be rude!! But SERIOUSLY, inside was GORGEOUS!!) Brier Creek even gave my guest cider as they were walking in to my wedding. Warm cider on a cold 40 degree day with wind chill of 30 something is seriously genius and not my idea but Shelly's and it was included in my package! Um, can we say HECK YEAH?!

The food was DELICIOUS!! My wedding party seriously ate THREE WHOLE TRAYS of hors d'oeuvres in the room, and the filet mignon was the best I had ever eaten, and all my vegetarians were so satisfied that they could barely eat my delicious cake!! (I had 95% beef eaters at my wedding.) Also, the Brier Creek Signature Salad was the biggest hit at my wedding ever! The raspberry vinaigrette was so on point that my family had to get another dressing refill. I was sitting at my sweetheart table thinking..."oh course it had to be MY family that needs more dressing..." hahahah!!

The value was AMAZING!! I originally wanted to get married at The Umstead because it was all inclusive with the chairs and the linens and stuff, but I got everything I would have gotten at The Umstead but for literally 20% of what it would have cost there! (If not less!) Brier Creek had the same package for less!! Um yes, please!! :) My wedding reception was LITERALLY what I dreamed of my whole entire life, and I didn't compromise on the quality. I got 5 stars without having to mortgage a house!

This venue set the bar REALLY high and still delivered. It exceeding any expectations I had and it did it with ease!! I NEVER felt pressure. I NEVER got hassling emails from Shelly. I NEVER felt like I was just a package and I didn't have a choice.  Even though I had a package, I literally picked EVERY item on my menu, and they completely customized whatever I wanted.

My family (the people who paid for my wedding.) were MORE than pleased!! They treated me like I was a princess and this was the royal wedding and I will never forget Brier Creek Country Club.

If you are thinking about having an event should! Don't hesitate, just call Shelly and schedule an appointment. When you find a venue this good, you just want to share it with the world because you want all your friends to have the same type of wedding day! Unstressed, loved, pampered, and absolutely amazing!

Thank you Shelly and Brier Creek!! From both was PERFECT!

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What a great venue!  I had the pleasure of attending a networking event, Linkedin Live in Raleigh, that they sponsored, and the event was very well attended.  
The meeting space was very open, airy and elegant.  Some of the food served was: shrimp, chicken skewers, fresh veggies and lots of varieties of cheeses, etc.  
Pleasant service for the passed Hors d'œuvre servers and bartenders.  Nice set up completely.  I would highly recommend this facility to any event planners!  
Only thing being for me, it was definitely a hike to get to, unless you are in that area.

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