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This is where the 100th review belongs... home.

I grew up in Briar Ridge, my parents and I moved here in 1994 and they've been living here ever since.

Here's the skinny:
Beautiful homes.
Great Golf Course.
The Clubhouse rocks.
Very quiet neighborhood.
Watch out for rent-a-cops.

Here's the fat:

This gated community has some of the most beautiful homes in the area, and boy are some of them big. Briar Ridge has a main loop that circles the community; it's on that loop that you'll find magnificent homes of every style and design. If you've got the dough, take a look at this community for a quiet, relaxed lifestyle.

The golf course is nice. Though I'm not a golfer myself, I have been on it a few times with friends that play. That and I took it as a short cut to work too, I used to work at the Clubhouse in High School. The fairway is clean and the grass is healthy and manicured. The greens are mostly perfect. Sand traps always look like no-one has EVER sunk a ball in there, nice and raked all the time.

I've both worked and eaten at the Clubhouse. Working there was OK... I was 15 and had a job. Can't really say much about that.
Outside of work this place is great, the building may be a bit old and the carpet could use replacing but, in general it's a nice place. Of course it's an older crowd most of the time, 50's or so... eating there is very relaxing and the staff has always been friendly and ready to serve you.
The Lounge area is pretty phenomenal too, large bar, leather seats and they allow cigar smoking. Bartenders are friendly and can handle a crowd efficiently so everyone gets their drinks with a minimum wait.
Briar Ridge has a pool, and several tennis courts located adjacent to the Clubhouse. The pool isn't particularly big but, since most homes in here have either an indoor or outdoor pool already they don't get too crowded. Tennis courts are nice, I've taken a few lessons there back in the day.

The neighborhood itself is usually quiet, there's a few parties that happen, you can tell one is going on because the street will be lined with cars. Crime is *almost* non-existent but, on occasion you'll hear about a break in or something. The security and gate guards are pretty on top of not letting people that aren't residents in.

Which brings me to the Rent-a-Cops - there's only ONE patrolling the streets. If you see the car at either the front or back gate - you're good to go. Speed limit is 25 MPH and they enforce it pretty well, don't go over 30 MPH and you'll be fine. Stop Signs -  you better STOP - that's what they getcha for and make stick.


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Ever since the new owners took over the restaurant and facilities at Briar Ridge, the food and service has been spectacular.  The Friday night seafood buffet is terrific, with nice, big, sweet crab legs, plus cooked to order perch, frog legs and calamari.  Plus, whether you order off the menu in the main dining room, or at The Turn Bar and Grill, you won't be disappointed.  If you are not a member of BRCC, join up as it is worth it just for the dining experience. A+++

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