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My parents are BCC members so they took me and my sister here for breakfast. We were supposed to sit on the veranda, but with the torrential downpour, we were moved inside. Our waitress was pleasant. I ordered the Bacon Fried Egg Sandwich on toast. Due to my milk protein allergy, I requested no cheese and no butter on the toast. They happily obliged. I also ordered a side of fresh fruit, which was amazing. My parents both had the French toast, and my sister had waffles. Everyone enjoyed their meals!

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NB: I came here for lunch and I'm not a member.

My boss man took the office here for lunch. It was beautiful. The room we ate in was exactly what you would imagine it to look like: wooden paneling, carpeting, nice chairs, pretty centerpieces, etc.

I got the chopped salad. It was excellent. The basil vinaigrette was tasty and used appropriately. It had blue cheese on it and I didn't like that. The cheese was too strong for the salad. If I were to order it again, I would ask for goat cheese instead.

Everyone that I ate with enjoyed their food. My boss said that everything on the menu is good and that you can't really go wrong. The menu wasn't very exciting just lots of old standbys: caesar salad, club sandwich, burger, fish tacos etc.

Beautiful setting and a tasty lunch, I'm hoping I get invited back!

P.S. Everything came with club sauce ;-)

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Nestled in a golf course neighborhood you will find the Brentwood Country Club. Go figure! Oh, BCC! What can I say about you?

First, I can be totally honest in that the venue is quite beautiful. I was at the BCC for a wedding reception and upon entering under the green awning the inside echoed the antebellum exterior. Think, antiques and winding staircases. There were several rooms on the first floor for the purposes of partying. We were in the back room which was floor to ceiling windows on the dining room wall. Perfect for watching the golf course and the pre-prom photos that were commencing on the lawn during this particular event. The BCC can really put out. Little nibbles of melted brie pizza, vegetable spring rolls and skewers of coconut chicken made me a happy girl! Fortunately there were plenty to go around!!

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