Brechtel Park Golf Course

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Closed. But last time I lived over there, it was the cheapest place to play an interesting course.

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"You guys know this is a practice course right?" - Spoken by the guy at the counter where we paid for our round.

I am not a good golfer.  If I break 60 on the front nine, I'm pretty happy with myself.  That's why I really like Brechtel so's not even close to being in good shape, but at $8 for a round it's the perfect place to practice.


Price:  $8 for a round of golf?  Sign me up.  It really doesn't get any cheaper than that.  If you just want to whack balls around and get some practice in, it's the best value for your money.

Layout:  Surprisingly, the layout is better than what you'd expect for such a low fee.  It's a relatively short course for decent golfers, at 6000 yards, but has enough hazards and tricky spots to make it mildly challenging.  And for someone on my skill level, it's more than challenging enough.


Greens:  "Now, all I have to do to save par is putt through the Sahara."  Actual quote from a friend who was trying to get up and down for his par.  The entire 20 feet from his ball to the hole was literally dirt.  Overall, that's actually better than some of the other greens, where there were still patches of green in the dirt that would trip up the ball and make any real attempt at holing putts nearly impossible.  I guess if you want to look for a silver lining, you could treat the roughness of the greens like obstacles in mini-golf and have a little fun with it.


Upkeep:  For the most part, the rest of the course besides the greens are relatively in good shape.  There is at least a clear demarcation between fairway, rough, and green.  It's obvious that it could use more work, but I don't expect much more than they've provided if they maintain their current costs.  And to be fairly honest, I'm perfectly fine the way it is.


Go if: you want to practice and have fun at a low cost; you don't mind putting being a complete crapshoot; aren't bothered by weird smells coming from a couple of the water hazards.

Don't go if: you're a serious golfer or want to play a serious round; need to practice your putting; are a snob who can't get enjoyment from affordable golf.

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Nice course for beginners and for people who want to practice different type of shots. Fairways equal to some courses lite rough and the greens need some help, but still a good course.

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No comment.

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What can you expect for a $12 green fee on the weekend? The course actually has a decent layout, but DONT go expecting ANY kind of maintenance. The greens are usually awful. Think of it as a walking driving range. Also, word of warning. There are LOTS of bad and/or beginning golfers on this course. Etiquette will be horrible and don't necessarily expect to hear fore before a ball comes whizzing by your head.

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