Braintree Municipal Golf Course

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One of my favorite courses.  The prices can't be beat.  Really!  They are the cheapest I've ever played at.  Plus the course is really nice.  Great views, well maintained, friendly staff.

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Best public course I've played near Boston. It was in excellent condition - good fairways despite the rain and pure greens - and VERY cheap ($42 with cart). I played during the week, so I can't comment on the pace of play at peak times. But I will definitely go back.

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This course is fantastic for many reasons the least of which being the price.  I think people actually avoid this place because it's priced so low that you think your going to get crappy greens and over crowded holes, THANK GOD!  The best thing about this place is that even when it's busy, you never wait to take your next shot.  I moved south of the city last summer and found this little gem, and probably played it twice a week for the entire summer and well into the fall and I can't remember having to wait other then the occasional par three back-up.  So other then the price and the lack of over booking t-times, the other thing you will notice while walking this course is the over abundance of wild life.  I know, it seems like a strange thing to point out but I mean usually a golf course is well manicured and gives the illusion of nature in harmony but its just that an, illusion.  This place actually has real wildlife all over the place.  I saw a bald eagle just sitting there on a rock, very cool, not sure if they just venture in from the Blue Hills reservations or maybe the tons of water they have around the course, but it truly does add something to the playing experience.  Hidden gem and I hope no one finds it!

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I play Braintree often and find it a great value....  especially off peak.  The course is usually in great shape, but it does have some issues with drainage even a few days after big rains.  The greens are consistent speed-wise from one hole to the next (usually medium speed approaching fast).  There are some similar-looking holes, and I agree that there is not enough variety in the par threes.  But the green on the par 3 3rd hole is super-challenging.  I wish I were a resident of Braintree so I could be a member.

One negative is the guy who works behind the food counter... never seen him smile and it looks like he takes little pride in his offerings.

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I have been playing golf in the Boston area for almost 18 years and I hadn't heard of this course until two weeks ago. I'm glad I know about it now! We went out on Saturday afternoon for a very affordable $46 and played in a not so terrible 4 1/2 hours (even though it's the middle of October, it was still a sunny, Saturday afternoon so what can you expect?). The course was in fantastic shape, the fairways were well taken care of, the grass was green everywhere, and the greens were awesome. They held very well when hitting wedges in, but they rolled quick and true when putting.

It wasn't a bad day for someone who had never played there before, only once was there a pond we couldn't see off the tee (on the second hole), but it could consistently be a challenge for repeat players.

The only problem I have with this course is the lack of alcohol. As my friend said "if you have a deck, you should be required to have beer". I agreed, adding "if have a golf course you should be required to have beer". For that to be my only complaint, this course definitely impressed me! I am definitely looking forward to coming back and improving on my not so pretty round.

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