Braemar Golf Course

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A very nice public course.  27 holes with plenty of water, trees, and sand traps to keep things interesting.  Very friendly staff (the ranger gave my mom 4 balls after hearing she had lost 8).  Good value for the money.

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While Minnesota is not particularly short on wonderful golf courses, I will always have a soft spot for Braemar.  With the amount of time I spent at the driving range and playing the occasional rounds (when so and so's dad was paying) coupled with the constant baseball tournaments just up the road, I can easily say I spent a large part of my freetime at Braemar.  It's definitely a pricier course, but then, not much in Edina comes with an inexpensive pricetag, and the layout and amenities made it worth it (again, I don't think I ever actually paid).  The most memorable moment we experienced would have to be when we rolled the golf cart on the hole that has the really steep hill that pretty specifically instructs you not to drive straight down it.  Luckily for us, we were *sshole kids from Edina and didn't follow directions gud.  Lots of good times and memories here.  I think we played golf sometimes too...

This useless review has been brought to you by high school boredom/rebellion.

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I wanted to try golfing...and my friend suggested that we meet at the driving range at Braemar to hit a few balls and try this golfing thing out. It was quite the experience. First off-no one else had the Target special golf clubs that I had (but hey, that is what makes me unique, right?!?!) and I quickly learned that golf is a much more quiet sport than I thought.

Overall, the staff was really friendly and the location was wonderful. Prices are a little steep for a beginner, but I consider them not too out-of-line in relationship to the location and maintenance requirements of the pristine grounds. Overall, it was a great place to start and I look forward to trying golfing out again soon.

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Great golf course! Beautiful landscaping, challenging, and pristine.  It's very rolly and hilly.  Coming from Chicago where everything is flat, this was a welcomed change.

The greens played fast the day that I was there. Loved the tee on the top of a hill! I landed straight on the green!

This course came highly recommended from MN natives so we were not disappointed at all.

Love it love it love it!

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I am not a huge golf guy, but I am taking group beginner lessons here right now to learn the basics of the game so that I can play with coworkers and family on occasion. It is a pretty good deal- $99 for 5 weeks of one-hour lessons.

They are flexible with scheduling- if you can't make one day you can show up at another class if you call in advance. The lady who teaches my section (Debbie) is really kind and patient, and gives good practical advice.

After you complete the course you can take a 3 session mini course for $10 that gets you out playing an actual round with a mentor. So all in all the best deal I could find for golf lessons in the Twin Cities.

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