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Our Family have been members here for over 50 years and it is a GREAT course.. Yes, You must be invited to play here .. You won't need a Guide if you are with your Hosts  or a Caddy. It is also a great Club with lots of nice amenities. The Sunday  Buffets are fantastic and I have been to  many other CC buffets and this one is the Best. The Residential areas around the club used to be in much better condition but River Oaks has some semi sketchy areas bordering it , and so does Memorial and the City of  Bellaire.. That is Houston, Texas.. Some of my Post is in  response to the other posts about the club.. and Yes the Pool area and tennis courts are GREAT!

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True it's members only but one of the only affordable clubs in Houston. The facilities are great, the food is excellent, and most of the clientele is gen X and Yers who have a good time. The new pool will be complete this coming summer(2014) and it will be even better than before.  Love this place!

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A members only private country club where you need to be invited to play. Built in the 1930's, surround by fortress like walls hidden away from street view with thick oak forests. Braeburn is a private country club setup for the enjoyment of it's members. Once located in a very affluent neighborhood isolated from the city traffic with Demerit as the club pro, now engulfed by the Sharpstown and Braes-wood ward like drift wood structures.

The course it's self is very nice, but unless guided by a member or caddy it's a very confusing course to the eye. Lots of water, left to right, right to left. Long forced carry, terrain that can take away your stance if you make the mistake of getting used to the comfortable layup shot. The greens are firm and rolls true, not fast, but plenty dangerous with the movement of the carefully designed slopes. To have a course that's this established with no course guide is a shame.

Braeburn Country Club is all about history, golf royalty and exclusivity. But the slum like apartments surrounding the course brings a sting of reality of a place time past by. Once upon a time, this might have been the pinnacle of Houston golf, now it is just a stain in history that refuses to acknowledge the change of time. My guess is as the older members disappear, this course will fade away in to history, like all the black and white pictures adorn it's dinning halls.

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