Bowen Island Golf Club

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When people comment to me that the Bowen Golf Course is only 9-holes, I retort that they'll want to play it twice because they won't believe how badly they did on the front nine".  
It is a great, challenging course... not daunting....just a great challenge.   We were just talking about that this weekend.. how lucky we are to have such a jewel on our island.  Most 9-hole courses are boring after the first 2 or 3 times.  The Bowen Course remains such an enjoyable challenge day after day... after 7 years!  
I'm going to get in trouble for writing this review as the course is seldom chock-a-block busy like the city courses.  Seldom are you pressured for slow play or need to wait while the group in front tee off.  As the PGA stated....the Bowen Course is one BC's Hidden Gems.
The Cup Cutter Restaurant opens in mid-April Thursday thru Sunday....and come June will be 7 days a week.  A great view, awesome food and a beer & wine licence satisfies most palates.  
A great one day outing or stay a few days at the myriad of B&B's around the island.

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I don't play golf but i have heard enough people rave (non Bowener's!) about this course that i have to write a review. Also my brother William runs the pro shop so be sure to say hi to him because he is so awesome.
Tucked away about a 10 minute drive from Snug Cove you will find this little piece of paradise, albeit golfers paradise. A perfect 9 hole course that is challenging yet scenic, and costs around $27. The snack shack has some of the best burgers in town, but is only open in the warmer season. Check out there website for a bunch of events.

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This 9 hole golf course is worth the trip!  Take the ferry over to Bowen Island (a 20  minute ferry crossing from Horseshoe Bay), and it is about another 20 minute drive over to the course.

There are some challenging holes, and I've lost a few golf balls in the woods.  Very lovely surroundings.  There are a few spec homes, but the area is not developed yet.  This course is still new.  Not a real clubhouse, so don't expect anything fancy.  There's a shack, where you can purchase  balls, shirts, hats etc.

They only just got flush toilets recently...until now, it was porta potties!  But that didn't keep me, or other golfers from hitting the Bowen Island Golf course.

Finish off your 9 holes with a nice dinner in Snug Cove.  Lots of restaurants to choose from.

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