Boulder Creek Golf Club

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* Surprisingly mediocre
* Severely overpriced
* Overwhelming menu
* Wrong order
* Intrusive, hovering staff
* Disgusting styrofoam
* Amazing napa salad
* Free Wi-Fi

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We walked in and had to wait several minutes before anyone notice we were there - they seemed a bit understaffed when many other groups came in shortly after we sat down but most of them diners seemed to be regulars.

I had he chicken parm - it was just ok. The chicken was a bit overcooked as was the pasta. They only had 1 vegetable option which I thought was a bit odd too.

Our server was nice. One of the people I was with had some grilled chicken that looked like flash frozen chicken and another got the sizzler. The sizzler actually looked tasty and I wish I had gotten that instead.

Decent food overall, good prices. I wouldn't not go back but I am not sure if I will even think about going here when trying to decide where to go for dinner.

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Course, clubhouse, and practice facilities are all nice. Sadly, the guy working at the pro shop is a complete jerk. No people skills at all. Very curt; very rude. Is he French? Everyone walking in was treated with equal disdain, so it's not because I'm black. Maybe his mama didn't love him. Maybe his boyfriend just broke up with him. But as long as he remains there, I won't be back. Keep me posted, golfers.

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Played the course over the 4th of July with an early tee time. Asked the pro if the course was busy, his reply, "It's 730am... what do you expect?" Then to determine how crowded they expected to be, his response, "It's the 4th of July... What do you expect?" all the while he didn't make eye contact and seemed ticked off that he was working on the 4th. If you hate your job that much, then quit and find something else to do. Having to wake up that early to go to a job you hate is not worth it...

Sprinklers on hole 1 started at 740am, luckily with little traffic, we were able to get ahead of them. Other than the friendly reception, the course itself is decent but given they charged $30 for 9 holes and $55 for 18, not worth it given the other courses in the area. The front is better than the back but compared to Thousand Oaks, Pilgrim's Run, or any other course in this price range Boulder Creek will now be my last choice. Other courses in the area had 4th of July specials, except for Boulder Creek... how do you expect to have any sort of traffic?

The greens were in good shape and the fairways were maintained well, but the various priced housing developments on the course, the ease of the course, the higher prices, and the nice clubhouse it's hard to determine whether this course aspires to be a leading course in the area, or a future course where t-shirts and shorts will be the acceptable attire.

Maybe with better management and a proactive marketing and advertising plan and strategy, this course could do a better job of increasing traffic.

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Used the restaurant for a wedding shower! It turned out beautiful and the staff at Boulder Creek, from the event planner to the servers, were so easy to work with and very, very accommodating! I would definitely use it  again for another event.  The food was great and service was superb! The setting is beautiful.
I've also been there for dinner and I must admit their Napa Salad with chicken is the best around!

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