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We selected Boulder Country Club as the wedding reception venue for our only daughter.  The event was held April 5, 2014.  It was important for us to have parking available as well as having everything done in-house. The layout allowed for an easy flow from the bar, dance floor, and dining.   There was an elevator for a couple of our guests, who would not have attended had they not been informed.  The views and well groomed grounds are hard to beat.

We can't say enough about Mallorie, the event planner/manager.  Although we are not members of the Boulder Country Club,  she  was very receptive, helpful, and knowledgeable from the very beginning when we expressed an interest.  We were in close contact for over three months and she was always available or got back to us quickly.  We even had a full meal tasting and got to meet the chef.
We had to do the minimal.  Even the florist dealt with Mallorie about the set up.  All the small details and then some were taken care of by Mallorie and her staff of at least 12 helpers for our 100 guests.
The food was cooked to perfection. We served beef filet and cod.  The filet was cooked  medium rare and tasted  like a  more expensive cut.  The portions were large. The cod was not breaded and  was perfectly cooked.

The service...... it's comparable to the  Flagstaff House or a Michelin rated establishment.  All the entrees were served simultaneously.  For a table of 8, there were 4 servers at the same time!!

Roger Cridlebaugh of Rock 'N Roger's, was our DJ and had the right selection of music to get our guests onto the dance floor.  We are talking about people who seldom dance.
The photo booth from 5280 Events, was such a hit.  It was hopping for the entire 3 hours.

The emails and comments from our guest were the ultimate verification of this superb venue.
Nothing but "thumbs up" from everyone.

Check it out! You will also be pleasantly surprised at the cost.

Thank You Boulder Country Club, Mallorie, and staff.

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I recently had my wedding at the Boulder Country Club.  It was PERFECT!!!!  The venue itself is beautiful!  From the outdoor ceremony to the indoor reception.  I had so many of my guests comment on how beautiful everything was.  more importantly, Mallorie and Andrea were amazing!  There was also a girl who was in charge of the end of the night and or the life of me I can't remember her name, but she was amazing too!  I worked mainly with Mallorie during the planning process.  She was organized, helpful, and always got back to me right away.  Wedding planning can be stressful, and I honestly had no stress regarding my venue and food/drinks, which is probably the most important feature of any weddig.  The day of the wedding, Mallorie and Andrea were there ALL day and into the evening.  They did everything from helping set up, to coming down to check on me and my wedding party, to making sure the ceremony and dinner ran smoothly.  They even drove our grandparents down to the pictures on a golfcart!  I can't say enough great things about them.  Also, the food was amazing!!!  I would highly highly highly recommend the Boulder Country Club as a wedding venue.  My wedding was the best day of my life, and it was made even more perfect by the fact that everything ran so smoothly (thanks to Mallorie and Andrea) and by how beautiful it was.

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This is a review of their banquet/reception business. And of the members of this club...

This place was horrid, plain and simple. Not sure where the other reviews are coming from with this place, but I cannot say much good about the Boulder Country Club.

Starting off with the Club its self, its the most highly pretentious, overly self important place I have ever been. I should have known it was gonna be a fiasco when the first thing you see is the Nazi-esque policy on cell phones plastered all over the place on big signs. "No cell phone use anywhere on the grounds" sums it up, which is fine I suppose if I was there to play golf, but when you're trying to do a wedding reception, its a pain in the ass that is above and beyond.

One of the things this place might want to consider is in investing in some outdoor carpets or runners for outdoor weddings. More than a few of the female guests, including my date, ate the ground walking out to the seats for the wedding as there were holes, uneven ground and plenty of places to twist an ankle if you're wearing heels. Slip and fall lawsuits based on negligence of a venue can be very, very expensive.

Then, during the ceremony, one of the asshole members of this club pulled up next to one of his buddies, and fired off an air horn, in the middle of one of the readings. How rude are your members that they cannot even respect someone giving their wedding vows?!?! Then the douche bag squealed the wheels of his golf cart and swore at his buddy in the middle of his swing, while the officiant was reading from his script. I don't even have the words...

Next up is the bar. I understand that the bride and her family paid for a well cocktail, beer and wine bar. I love a good open bar, but when I am drinking and I can still taste what it is I am forcing down my gullet, I am old enough to want to pay for the better booze. However, this wasn't an option as they don't take cash or cards. Maybe invest in a card scanner for an iPhone or get a point of purchase system so people who aren't members can get a decent drink?

Then there was the food. Maybe, Boulder Country Club, if the bride and groom are VEGETARIANS that maybe, just maybe, you should make the vegetarian entrees edible?!?! I have never had blander food. It was so bad, if you looked at the plates on the tables of the vegetarians, none of the entrees were eaten. Absolutely horrible.

To top out the fun, there are no restrooms on the banquet/bar level. This means if you're old, injured, or have had too much to drink, you're going to be going up and down two flights of stairs. Genius layout there BCC!

And then as a cherry on the sundae, when I got my bag back to my hotel room, I opened it to find someone had gone through my bag and had stolen my sunglasses. Mind you, these were prescription glasses, so I suspect that after one of the members or one of the workers who stole them found out that these were Rx that they just tossed them. Nothing I enjoy more than having my $500 glasses stolen and then later tossed.

I called the Monday after the wedding, to be informed finally at 10:00am that they "weren't really open" on Mondays, and that I would need to call back on Tuesday. Normally if I called a venue where someone had just had a wedding I'd be put on with the events coordinator immediately to get this solved. Guess that isn't how you do business at BCC...

Just a suggestion BCC, maybe you should have had the groom and his guys dress in a private room where our gear and possessions would be secure. It was an insult to have us dress in the locker room. You don't anticipate having to bring a locker lock with you when you come to get ready for a wedding.

All and all, this place is a total joke. I don't know if your choices are just super limited in Boulder, but if you can find anywhere else to host an event or a wedding, I'd suggest you go there. Anywhere has got to be better than BCC...

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Took good care of us and our meeting thanks to Bob Webster.

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Great place for a wedding.   I just got home from my cousin's amazing wedding at the Boulder Country Club.  BCC is more than just a wedding venue and a golf course though.  It is a full-service country club.  It offers everything that a top-grade resort hotel has to offer, except for the guest rooms.  

No doubt my cousin and her family and the others who put months of planning into the wedding created the most perfect wedding I've ever been to, and the BCC obviously played a major part in this lovely event.

Excellent setting, excellent communication between venue and wedding party,  excellent food,  excellent libations,  excellent band(s),  it was a perfect evening from start to finish.

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