Bonita Bay Club

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Best of the Best in the Naples Bonita Springs area.

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There are not enough stars to add to this review to describe the luxury of the Bonita Bay Country Club.  The club is more like a high end spa.  My parents are members here and therefore I get to live the life of luxury when I visit them - golfing on one of the five courses, swimming in one of the many, many pools, getting treatments at the spa and having everyone on staff knowing your name for your week's visit. Pretty Aaaaamaaazing!!  Can't wait to visit again.. especially since the remodel, it is DIVINE.

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South Florida is known for its golf courses. Bonita Bay is truly a Country Club. The facilities are top notch, service is always tailored to you and your guests, the golf is almost endless because of the 5 courses...and the food is some of the best I have had in the nation. If you aren't a member, that is too bad- you are truly missing out. BBC has a variety of different memberships to cater to your needs- check it out, and start living well.

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I've only ever played golf once or twice, so I'm certainly not an authority, and I really can't attest to the quality of a green or fairway at Bonita Bay when compared to another course.

I can, however, safely say that Bonita Bay has a very attentive and accommodating staff, even going so far as to drive from hole to hole to both check up on you (surely more a sales ploy than anything else, but still very nice) and sell you any number of refreshments should you want some. And, of course, when I say refreshments, I mean alcohol. Both beer and tiny bottles of spirits.

A little something for everyone.

The course really is picturesque. I feel that the grass was well-kept, and the overall design featured a number of bridges and overhands that allowed for a nice rolling scenery while driving from one hole to the next.

Golf at Bonita Bay for a very nice little morning, and I look forward to playing this course again when I next find myself in Naples, which I hope isn't anytime soon.

I really can't stand that place.

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This is one of the more toney clubs in SW FL.  There are two entrances to the sprawling, and very well appointed Clubhouse.  It's abuzz with golfers at lunchtime, who crowd a buffet that displays copious amounts of salads and soups.  The Chef this day was at the center of the buffet table in his crisp whites and toque, and at the ready to ladel one of many home made soups, or to carve a slice of beef or turkey.  Bonita Bay brings its cookies to the table on a single serving plate.  I prefer this cookie service over other club's serve-yourself cookie baskets, or a detour through the ladies' locker room in search of a cookie treat.

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