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I have been coming to Boca West for the past 12 years or so.  I play tennis virtually every day I am here. Not only is the tennis facility outstanding, but so is the tennis staff, beginning with John and extending and including the pro's, the administrative staff, and the court maintenance people.  The tennis members, who range in both age and ability are, as a group, some of the nicest and welcoming men I have met. Again, in all of my 12 years, I have only heard of 2 instances where a member didn't want to play with another member because he wasn't "good enough".   So, for any of you tennis players who love artificial clay,Har Tru, a great membership, a great staff, and the nicest tennis facility I have ever played at, consider joining Boca West. I'm told the golf courses are great as well, but since I don't play, I can't comment

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My great Aunt and Uncle live here and invited us to dinner at MiPi.

We took a taxi over from our hotel and had to identify ourselves, who we were visiting and show ID. I had never been to visit them before so I didn't know the protocol.

We walked into the clubhouse and had drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Lovely room with music and a full bar.
When our buzzer rang my aunt went to the hostess station while we all got ready to follow. A waitstaff collected our drinks to follow us to the table.

Seated outside by the pool side was lovely.

We walked through the dining room which was beautiful.

The service was amazing, attentive and friendly.

When my daughter ordered dessert she wanted an cookie ice cream sandwich. While this is not a normal menu option they brought her all the pieces so we could build one for her. My son had a make your own sundae with all sorts of toppings.
The kids were in heaven with all the crayons, coloring pages and wiki stix they gave them to play with.

Impeccable service. I truly enjoyed our visit and look forward to being able to go again.

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I came here one evening for a meeting with the Junior League of Boca Raton.  I went to the main club house, where the meeting was being held.  One has a choice to either self-park or valet.  

Entering the building, I headed to the right towards the reserved room.  

Overall, this location is beautiful.  It sits in area with residential homes and golf courses.  If you do attend anything at the club house or decide to move into this location, it's gorgeous.

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Absolutely Beautiful, I am the youngest person I fear that lives within this community!

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