Blush Hill Country Club

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Well - this place inspired me to finally setup a Yelp account.

I'm going to start off by saying this is a nice little course with some great holes, wonderful views and challenging greens.  So you must be asking yourself why one star?

I'm not sure if words can do her justice, but the woman who runs this place would make Nurse Ratchet run home in tears.  Its like someone took all the anger, grief and hatred held by all the golf hating wives in the world, channeled it into one she-devil, and set it loose on the unsuspecting people who come to play this course.

If you must play this course, I recommend showing up a good thirty minutes before your tee time because if she even sniffs that you might be even a second late on the tee, she will not only verbally undress and spank you, she will punish you by making the next hour's worth of tee times to go ahead of you while she continues to rip you a new one from the deck of the clubhouse.

Also, if you are going to play here, I recommend at least 48 hours of sobriety prior to playing because if she catches a whiff of alcohol she will search your bags and kick you off the course if she finds so much as a dribble in the bottom of a nip that you got from the airplane.  You can buy beer from her, but its not worth the emotional damage of having to deal with her for the three minutes it takes to complete the purchase.

Couple other things - don't drive the carts within approximately 500 yards of a green, don't make eye contact or any sudden moves near her, and be prepared to be treated like a total POS for having the audacity to show up and pay to play a round of golf.

In short - nice little course that is very inexpensive to play on certain days.  Not worth it - its a TRAP!

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For the money one of the best courses in VT. Sure there are nicer courses out there, but dollar for dollar this hidden gem is one of the best courses in VT. Blush Hill is a short 9 hole track (3 par 3's and 6 par 4's), but can be deceptively difficult, even for a low handicap golfer. Greens are very small and very fast. The course is very well maintained and the views are second to none. Every hole has panoramic views of the mountains.

As far as costs this place is a steal. On Mon, Tues & Sat you can play for just $1 a hole and add on $1 a hole for a cart.  The course is fairly hilly (at least on holes #1 through #4) so if you walk you'll get a nice workout.

If you are vacationing in the Stowe/Sugarbush area and want to bring the family out for a round, but don't want to pay $100+ per person for a resort course this is an ideal course for the whole family.

Bottom line: this is a really fun course and a great value!

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