Blues Creek Golf Club

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A very nice course for golfing. The tee boxes, fairways, and greens are for the most part spectacular. You wont find much better anywhere else. That being said, the cart paths, water ways, ponds, carts, pro shop and general landscaping could use a lot of work. But hey that doesnt affect the golf game does it? And its not to say that I havent seen worse in those areas on other courses. I have seen much worse. The general golfing course is great. They have a decent range. There are no distance markers though.  For the price and condition of the golf course this is a great find. Sure there are nice courses in the area but they likely also cost $30 bucks or more per round more than this course. For the I will take blues creek every time out. It makes it so I can almost afford to golf actually.

The staff is very nice as well. And they do offer a few leagues every year if your interested.

And in case your wondering they do have a website, it is no .com as many sites indicate. But the site is not helpful anyway and contains little information.

It is a par 71 course that is probably a tad easier than others in the area. But I think everyone can enjoy that now and then.

The rates are $9 for 9 holes & cart or $18 for 18 holes with cart, thats on the weekdays but the weekends are only a few bucks more. $2 for a bucket of range balls (about 28 - 30).

If you havent golfed here and are looking for a good bargain this is it.

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This is a great par 71 course for beginners. The other players are usually higher handicappers so people just starting out needn't worry. The terrain is hilly and provides a good challenge even for amateurs. $10 on the weekend for 9 holes with a cart can't be beat!  The staff are also very friendly.

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Best kept golfing secret in Central Ohio; there were times during my round that I felt it was a private club and had the course to myself.

Bar none the best value for the dollar and best condition golf course in Marysville, Ohio to date (May 28, 2011). The course is well maintained, greens putt true, and course personnel friendly and attentive.

There are tee boxes where one can grip and rip yet you still have to incorporate wise shot making and course manaement to position your ball for the second shot into the green.

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I was surprised at the challenge this course offers. Long par 4's and very long par 5's. Staff was very friendly. Only drawback is that they need additional parking and it should be paved not gravel. Great deal for the money. I played 9 holes on a saturday with a cart for $10.

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No comment.

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