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My review is of the clubhouse and catering, not the golf course.

We went for a friend's wedding reception and were sorely disappointed in the quality.  

The clubhouse is best described as a crusty old place with cafeteria-style food and clumsy floor plan.

The appetizers:  they ran out of plates and chips at the "appetizer bar" which was hummus and queso (strange combination).  We asked for more chips and a server said he would go check.  After five minutes of waiting and no return, we figured there were no more chips.  Maybe they were limited by the funds of the family hosting, that's fine--but then someone should have come back to tell us so we wouldn't have kept waiting.  They failed to do that.  That's poor service.

The salad course:  The meal started with a poorly executed Caesar salad.  Only two of the eight people at our table could stand the dressing, and I looked at a few other tables--most people did not eat the salad.  The dressing had way, way, way too much anchovy and was not a "Caeser" dressing but a "fish" dressing.  Not good on salad.  Coupled with only iceberg lettuce, the salad was a grave start.

The main course:  Lasagne and green beans.  At least the beans were fresh and were not overcooked--but there is a reason that green beans are frenched--they cook better.  The beans were crisp and bland--so crisp that they were next to impossible to eat.  And with no seasoning, it was disappointing.  Next to it was a block of lasagne that tasted like it came out of a frozen box.  Very little flavor, bland, no texture, and clearly containing packaged meat.

If I were paying for the meal at a restaurant, I would have sent it back.

After the meal, we went out on the balcony to visit.  When I sat down on a chair, I learned the hard way that the cushion on the chair was soaked full of water.  For an alleged "upscale" club to host a wedding reception and not send someone to check the cushions after a rain is unacceptable.

If you are looking to host the event of your lifetime, I urge you to look around some more because this isn't it.

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Blue Hills is one of the grand old country clubs of Kansas City, founded in 1912.  Blue Hills has managed to avoid the decay that has plagued many of the old KC golf clubs by investing in the grounds and club house.  The new men's bar/grill that is adjacent to the locker room is an outstanding facility that other clubs of this vintage wish they could afford to replicate.

The course itself is a good design but one that presents a huge challenge for me, a golfer with a life-long natural fade.  The entire course requires a right to left baby-hook off the tee so my natural fade sets ms up for an extremely long second shot, many times out of the trees!

Personal swing flaws aside, I like Blue Hills very much and like to play here with friends as often as I can.  I don't think that I would ever become a member here due to the course set up though.  I'm not sure I could willingly write a large check each month for a course that kicks my butt every time that I play it.

Overall, Blue Hills is in rarefied air in KC, an old-school country club that manages to attract new members and generate enough cash to continually invest in the club.

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