BigHorn Golf Club

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my parents live here&i gotta be honest, there's no place else on earth like it. it's camp for adults, check your reality at the gate...because nothing bad can happen within. it's all the little things that make bighorn so ideal...they provide (the most high end) poop bags at the dog park, one of the guards at the front gate carries dog treats for people with pups, everyone waves as you pass&have recently added a children's playground and even a bocce court.

also, the people here are generally good folks. it's been my experience that everyone is there to have a good time&so there's very little attitude. also, with the kind of money everyone here has, there's no point in anyone trying to show-off.

best of all, they have some of the greatest employees imaginable, probably because they are treated so well (scholarship fundraisers for their children, christmas present drives, genuine respect!!!) i don't think the word "no" is in their vocabulary, but treating them with disrespect is certainly not accepted. also not accepted are visiting children behaving like brats. racing around in golf-carts, late at night,&generally making a nuisance of yourself gets you in trouble!

i'm not SUPER-crazy about the pourhouse or the other casual dining restaurant. don't get me wrong, the food is not's just regular (burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc.) i have eaten at the nicer restaurant a few times&had great food experiences. but, if you're there at the wrong time, it can be a wait.

hmmm, what else...great&comprehensive spa services. surprisingly, no more expensive then you'd pay at similar establishment. the marketplace stocks everything from individual cans of bud light, flour, and pet dom perignon&a $300 riedel decanter. obviously an amazing golf course&just lots of beautiful scenic desert views.

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Wow this place is gorgeous.  We went to a private residence here, but upon seeing  one of the holes from their patio, I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to play golf here if you do in fact enjoy that sport.  

The houses are incredibly impressive and VERY private.  I feel fortunate that my husband knows someone who lives here.  I never knew I could have a dream home in the Desert, but now I know that is a true scenario.

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An update on the food at the restaurant: It is pretty good, but perhaps not the best meal I've ever had. The tuna melt is huge and I couldn't finish it. It was good, but there wasn't anything unique about it. I also tried the Chinese chicken salad which was very spicy. At first I thought it was the black pepper, but it tasted more like a hot sauce mixed in the dressing. I couldn't finish it for fear of a stomach ache. If you get it, ask for the dressing on the side. Last, I had probably the best snack on the menu... the freshly made potato chips! Please indulge in this delectable fried food and get a cone full of fresh, fried potato chips with a side of both ranch AND chipotle dip. They're very good and a pleaser all-around.

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