Bermuda Run Country Club

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Easily the best value for a country club in the Triad, especially if you are under 40 and get a junior membership.  Two golf courses, great tennis facility, wonderful pool, and beautiful homes ringing the neighborhood.  Excellent staff and very friendly members.  There is nothing pretentious or stuffy about Bermuda Run -- my wife and I have always felt completely at home.

There are two golf courses, and they are very different.  The main course will eat your lunch if you are having a bad day.  The greens are simply treacherous -- I've seen guys who usually have 27-28 putts a round throw up 38 or 39.  Still, they are in great shape and roll absolutely true.  You just have to really be on your game.  Although they have the course sloped at 130 from the blues, it plays much, much tougher and apparently the USGA is redoing the ratings.  Off the top of my head, I would guess that the new slope would come in somewhere around 136 or higher.

Find a member and get them to bring you on one of the guest days.  At $25, it's a no-brainer.

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