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I went to a wedding here a few weekends ago and it was gorgeous! I could tell a lot of the touches on the tables were from the bride but the staff clearly set the room and the space itself was great. Most of the night was held in what felt like a grand room with huge windows overlooking the golf course. There was also a private deck in the back and as a guest I would recommend this venue as a great place to have you wedding.

The only downside for me was that the golf course was open during the wedding so it didn't feel as private as it could have. Parking was also very tight because it was booked for a wedding and the course was full.

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They certainly knew what they were doing when they chose this location for a country club.  There's an expansive, gorgeous view out back, and lots of sprawling grassy land for golf.  The event I attended was well-managed, although the food wasn't anything exemplary. They do a lot of business here, and it's no surprise given the lovely location.

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I also recently attended a wedding here.  This seems to be quite the place to attend weddings.  This seemed like a pretty good venue to use for a wedding.  The golf course and pool were open during the whole time, but that did not bother me at all.

The dinner served at the wedding reception was a bit of a mixed bag.  I liked how they cooked the meat, but was less of a fan of the gravies used, they were a little greasy and bland.  Not a huge fan of the cooked carrots (overcooked for my tastes?)  The salad was okay, but I've had better.  The cheesecake was top-notch!  I also liked the small red potatos--that was a dish that I thought was well-prepared.  But my main comment on the food overall was that it was too bland...I recognize that it's New England, but I like more spices and herbs on my food.  Also, see the note below about the herb garden--I think the kitchen here could improve their food by using some fresh herbs that are being grown on the grounds.

I also want to note two unrelated things about this country club that I really like:

(1) There is a very well-kept herb garden on the grounds of the building.  Someone has some impressive gardening skills!  It looks beautiful; I hope someone is using it.  The kitchen here is missing out if they are not availing themselves of this wonderful garden!

(2) The grounds have considerable wild habitat, which attract a number of birds.  The golf course is teeming with bluebirds!  Come shortly before dusk, and look carefully, and you will see them flying around.  At one point I saw six bluebirds at once.  Kudos to the management here for keeping a good amount of wild habitat intact (including wetlands, shrubbery, and numerous planted trees) to support a healthy local bird population.

So overall, I think this place is decent.

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A family member of mine recently had their wedding here.

First, the positives.

I wasn't part of the planning process, but I'm told it went smoothly.  I can say from first hand experience that the site coordinator, whose name now escapes me, was friendly and helpful on the big day.  

Overall, the wedding was very well done.  They were married on the lawn overlooking the mountains (next to, but not on the golf course, as a wedding on the golf course isn't allowed).  The view here is absolutely beautiful.  The reception was then held in the hall, which is set up with a dance floor in the center, has extremely high ceilings, huge windows, a classic-looking wooden bar and very tasteful, neutral decor.  There is also a very nice wraparound porch, again with a view, for the smokers to congregate.  

The food was buffet-style and damn tasty.  They have a pretty broad menu for the bride and groom to choose from.  I tried a little of everything and each item was very good and fresh.  The setup for the buffet was particularly nice.  Instead of the typical one or two long tables forming annoyingly long lines, they had several small round tables of food so that people could approach the tables from all angles and didn't have to wait to pass by items they didn't want.  This meant that everyone got their dinner much quicker.  Bravo.  

Now, the two downsides:

1.  The bride wanted to get ready at the venue rather than have to worry about being transported in her dress.  The only location they could offer was a small space (maybe 4'x5') which was separated from the ladies restroom by a curtain.  A tad awkward, but the bride had pre-approved this plan.  The real problem arose when we discovered that there was NO air conditioning in the bathroom and the only ventilation was the open windows.  The wedding happened to be held on a rather hot and humid June day, which meant it was particularly stifling in the bathroom.  This made for a sweaty and uncomfortable bride and a rather stressful start to the wedding day.  I was running around like a crazy person looking for a fan, but it turns out there is not a single fan on the premises.  We ended up closing the bathroom windows and propping open the bathroom door to let the AC in, which helped to lower the temperature for her just a little.

2. The golf course was open during the wedding.  Granted, it was June, and I'm not sure how country clubs normally handle this problem when they offer an outdoor ceremony.  It may not have been an issue at a larger venue, but this place is a tad smaller than other country clubs I'm familiar with.  They did somehow arrange for no golfers/ carts to be in front of the ceremony for that short period of time, but they were still very present when guests were arriving, right up until the ceremony and immediately afterward.  Some of the more (ahem) juvenile and intoxicated wedding attendants were rumored to have snuck outside to take joyrides on unattended golf carts.  Oops.  

So, these flaws are probably not deal breakers, but definitely something to think about if this is a site you're considering for a wedding.  Again, it was overall a lovely location with very pleasant staff and yummy food.

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Reviewing BHCC for their function hall/wedding accommodations. We recently got married here (on 9/15).

From start to finish, throughout the planning process, I have to say that everything here went perfectly. Lori, their function coordinator/event planner/savior, is a godsend. She is so accommodating, flexible, patient, and organized, I couldn't have dreamed of working with anyone better. She knew what questions to ask, just anticipated our every need.

We only had to meet with Lori once, in order to finalize all the little details. She is a true professional, and I can't even imagine how things would have turned out without her.

The space itself is also beautiful. Having grown up in Pittsfield, I tend to take for granted the hills, foliage, and overall beauty of the area. The building itself is new (within a few years), with super high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a great deck off the back, overlooking the golf course and mountains.

I think the food was good, I barely had time to eat, as we were making table visits for much of dinner. Friends and family told us it was all good though. There was never a long line at the bar, and the staff working the wedding were always around if anyone needed anything.

I would highly recommend BHCC to anyone planning a wedding out in Western MA. While not the most luxurious place in the area, what you get for your money just can't be beat. They do tend to book well in advance, so take that into consideration when deciding.

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