Berkshire Country Club

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I can only review the dinning facilities because I have terrible golf skills and my family is not a member.  Usually I just visit with friends that have a membership.  Normally the food here may rank 3 to 3.5 stars, but the regional offset handicap definitely merits the Berkshire Country Club an additional star.  I love the friendly waitstaff also.  I find the traditional dining rooms a bit too stuff and much prefer the less dressy "tap room," which offers the same menu.  The dessert tray here is deadly.  You might want to skip even glancing upon it, as it may destroy your diet.  I usually order the steak, salmon, seared tuna, or other fish entree.  They do a good job with the crab meat cocktail also.  I recall a reasonable escargot too.  Seriously, I do not even know what competes with the Berkshire Country Club within ten miles.  Perhaps some prefer Green Hills Restaurant, but they have had many management changes over the years.

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