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Just played here in a VSGA event and what a beautiful golf course!  Wish I could play here regularly.  The only downsides are that the course is not walkable and houses line most fairways.  Regarding the latter point the fairways are pretty generous when you see them so they never really come into play.  The flow of the holes seems very natural to the terrain, and the course meanders through the hills.  It's absolutely a beautiful ride.  Par 3s are good but not too memorable, but the par 4s and 5s are stunning.  Some par 4s end with a peninsula green which is cool.  And lastly there are a lot of doglegs right and left.  

The practice facility is also one of the best in the area.  Huge range you can see clearly from Route 7, two chipping greens with a big bunker in-between them, and a large putting green with a lot of slope to it (something you will see on the course itself).  

Last thing I have to talk about are the greens.  They were perfect.  Definitely the fastest greens I have played in a year or two, and on a windy day like we played it was tough going.  My friend and I had a lot of long putts coming in; we're both good (not great) players and we had a combined nine 3-putts.  If you're putting down the hill be aware you may have a 10-footer coming back.  They really were amazing.  Thanks for hosting Belmont!

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Overall, our 100-person event went well but it certainly did not meet my original expectations when I contracted with Rhonda (previous catering manager). Look around before choosing BCC.  Make sure you know what you are getting into.

The Good...
The food was Excellent, everyone thought the salmon and steak were cooked perfectly.  The seared ahi tuna hor d'oeuvres also got many raves.  For the most part, Blair was on point and did her best to accommodate us.  She was the first one on site to help us re-adjust the outside ceremony set-up.  

The front desk staff was extremely kind when someone needed help to clean up after a mishap occurred on the way to the event.  

The manor house is an idyllic setting for an outdoor ceremony - it was perfect.  Beautiful architecture and grounds.  Picture perfect setting. Beautiful weather, birds chirping during the service. The history behind the manor house is a great conversation starter.

The ballroom set-up was great.  We were able to use the balconies and the deck area, which offers a spectacular view of the golf course, mountains and surrounding area.  The chivari chairs were a nice touch to the room.

The Bad...  
Our ceremony ended a few minutes later than expected.  When we opened the doors from the ceremony to start the cocktails, no one was there to greet the guests and direct them to the bar so people started to walk to the ballroom early and others just felt lost.  Once I realized there was no oversight or direction from anyone- I started to direct people myself for the cocktail time. Annoying.

Overall communication with us was dismal.  Both Nancy and Erin had serious issues responding timely to emails, left questions answered, and would not follow through on requested menus, diagrams, etc. until I started to complain. We weren't even on Nancy's "radar" until we sent an email to anyone we could think of that could answer our very simple and basic questions. I have planned many events throughout the years, both small and large for various occasions.  This was hands down the worst planning experience I have ever had.  

In addition, their menu was not honored.  We paid for the FULL PACKAGE PRICE for adults and kids from their STANDARD MENUS but DID NOT RECEIVE their standard desserts.  Not only did we not receive the dessert that is listed on their menus as STANDARD desserts, but then I had to throw away approximately $200 worth of our own cake because the staff cut the cake into the smallest slivers I have ever seen.  It was horrible. We had to throw away about 1/3 of our cake that was given to us as leftovers, and our guests still went home hungry for dessert.  Really bad judgment on their part.  

I still have no idea why the STANDARD desserts were not there.  If they were not going to honor their own STANDARD menu, why didn't Nancy say anything. She never mentioned not having them but she asked about adding a starch to the menu that wasn't listed. Dessert is more important than a starch. I assumed from the very start that the STANDARD desserts were STANDARD and I didn't need to do anything more. I gave her a detailed list of everything else- all of our chosen meal options, timelines, etc. Why do I have to go into detail over the most basic things too? I didn't list the white folding chairs for the outside ceremony BECAUSE they were standard items. Yet we got them.

My daughter even asked the server about the ice cream sundaes- the server should have immediately talked to Blair at that point and maybe they could have made something work.  I was in the middle of group photos during dessert so I had no idea of all the problems until it was too late.  

As for the cutting of the cake, I thought we just didn't order enough cake until I got home and I unwrapped the cake plate to find out that we had more than enough to make the slices much thicker or to give seconds.  I had to throw and give away about a 1/3 of the cake because they didn't cut it.  What a waste of money- probably about $200-$300 worth of it was thrown away and it wasn't necessary.  Had it been mentioned to me about HOW MUCH cake was leftover, I would have told them to cut and distribute it immediately or would have paid extra to put slices in "to-go" containers for guests to take home. I never saw how much cake was leftover until the party ended.  I have used other area venues that did this with ease.

If you go with them, use an outside planner to coordinate with Nancy to save yourself the stress and disappointment.  I would also suggest asking any venue how they work the desserts.  Ask how big they slice the cake and ask about leftovers and the possibility of using take home boxes. I never had the dessert to be an issue before.  BCC had another event right after us so they didn't really care about our satisfaction, they were moving on to the next one.

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I held my ceremony and reception at Belmont Country Club and here are the highlights.


1. Great value. We received a discount for the off season which ultimately swayed us to go with the venue.

2. THE FOOD IS AMAZING!!! Every one raved about the food!

3. The Manor House is just great. With the floor set up, events just flowed seamlessly.

4. Great photo opts.

5. "Getting ready space" was beautiful. Rustic and charming. The girls and guys loved it.

6. Blair Bauman the Banquet Manager is on point. She knows exactly what she's doing. So easy going. She checked in with us frequently throughout the evening. Food service was flawless. GOOOOO Blair!

I really only have on disappointing factor in this equation and it's that there was a change in staff throughout my planning. My original coordinator/director of catering Rhonda retired and was replaced by Nancy. I had about a little less then 3 months to plan the wedding so the change affected me drastically.

It's no ones fault. This complaint is more of a administrative/corporate level issue.

1. It seemed like no info was passed on to Nancy which left her looking unprepared every time we spoke. (Menu selections, details regarding decor, etc)

2. I wasn't even contacted by the new coordinator until December 23rd (My wedding was January 4th) Although I did meet her for a few moments on December 7th at my walk through.

It just all boils down to lack of communication. Nancy did try her best. But you could definitely feel her stress and lack of support from Belmont.

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Consistent, and high, food quality.
Consistent service.
Bartender pours a good drink.
Hidden gem.

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Hosted a surprise birthday event for 50+ attendees in the Manor House. The venue was perfect. The different rooms allowed the attendees different areas to socialize. The bar was set up in the piano room, the DJ was in the foyer and the buffet was set up in the main dining room. The layout was perfect. Had the beef filet, the pork loin and lemon chicken. All entrees were the rave. Rhonda was great to work with. The wait and bar staff were very responsive. I highly recommend using this facility for an event.

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