Beechmont Country Club

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I was married at Beechmont Country Club and had the wedding of my dreams. The wait staff was spectacular and went out of their way to please me and my guests. Everyone had a great time.  I had my own private tasting before the event with my immediate family to ensure the items were what I desired. The valet parking is always a plus and was appreciated by my guests. There was a place to get ready and store any gifts brought by guests to the event. Beechmont also provided me with suggestions for my wedding such as a chocolate fountain, band, and string quartet to use etc..The golf course always looks immaculate, and I hope to continue to have all of the special occasions in my life at Beechmont.

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I've been hearing about Beechmont since I was a little girl....lots of family members and friends belong here.  However, I didn't get the chance to see what  Beechmont is all about until attending my friend's wedding last night.  And I can see why she knew from day one that she was going to get married at Beechmont...this country club is absolutely gorgeous!  The ballroom is absolutely perfect- simple with gorgeous chandeliers so there's a lot to work with!

And my fiance and I were quite happy with the food as well...especially the cocktail hour which included lots of sushi (always puts a smile on our faces) and devil eggs topped with lobster (YUM) among many other appetizers.  For dinner we had filet (no meat for me please) and snapper (that's for me) on the same place with amazing sweet potatoes.  And while there was no room for dessert we made some for their delicious wedding cake (which I'm not actually sure came from Beechmont Country Club), little cheesecakes and cookies.

I'm not a golfing type of gal, although I probably should be after growing up in Florida, but if I lived in Cleveland (which probably will never happen) I'd consider being a member at Beechmont Country Club for the food and atmosphere alone!

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