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"We've got a pool and a pond... I think you'd like the uh, pond."  Metaphorically speaking, this is a driving range for those who do not REQUIRE a pool.  For the past few years I have carried my dad's Big Bertha around in my trunk, hoping that on my many trips to the Bastrop area for projects, I would one day have time to stop in and hit some long ones.  About 6 months ago, I returned said club to said dad, kinda bummed that I never made time to hit the small ball 300 yards.

When I stopped in last week sans club and balls and tees and glove and comfortable golf clothes, peaceful owner Steve did not seem to mind.  His Zen approach was refreshing - he reminded me of Chevy Chase's quirky, relaxed character Ty Webb in Caddyshack.   A five spot got me a bucket of about 50 golf balls, three borrowed sticks - I chose 9 and 5 cavity-back irons and then he handed me a 3 wood which, of course, was not "wood" at all, but titanium.  So, for $6.50 total for the 50 balls and the bag of tees, I was able to spend a half hour of fun in the sun trying to sink into the rhythm -- the grip, the swing, the bent knees, the relaxed shoulders and elbows -- that IS golf.  

"Be the ball...slow down your breathing and BE the ball...relax."  Caddyshack altered my golf paradigm back in 1980 from a serious, uptight, clenched-teeth ahhhctiviteee to an entertaining, Zen way to BE.  

The guys next to me were bangin' balls all day for $10... it was like an all-day buffet.  In addition to a golf range, this is also a repair shop.  New grip = $2 per club.  Broken shaft = $10.  
"How does someone usually break a club?" -- kk  
"Oh, they wrap it around a tree." -- sg, smiling

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