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Where do I start, check-in isn't at property that NAV system takes you to. Lady was rude, had moved us to other type of townhouse v what we rented.

Got to condo which was nice but had only 3 towels for 6 of us, cock roaches and one bed with no sheets.

Overall, this resort has a long way to go to be a proper vacation spot.

The newly opened beach club has no pool service and the beach isn't much of a beach.

Be careful when booking at Bay Creek!

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This place is gorgeous!  Definitely worth the 4 hr drive from DC.  Nice little town with this absolutely beautiful gated resort a little out of the way.  I didn't stay here, but this place is first class.  The drive in really shows you how well they maintain this property.  Lots of beautifully placed flowers, trees, etc.  Clubhouse is a good size and they have a little bit of everything.  The grill is also a good size and the food was pretty tasty (just got quick meals at the turn and afterwards).  

Practice area was great.  They have a huge range with tons of targets.  There's a bunker that can be used for hitting full shots, or shorter shots to the adjacent green.  ["Pro" tip: the sand here is pretty thin in the middle of the bunkers, so be sure to practice before you get out there.]  The practice green is a good size, and I like that they don't have those mini flags in them.  A great space to practice chip shots and putts.  

The Palmer Course is the more playable of the two here.  It's beautifully set up and I love the bunkers that appear to come out of the water hazards.  It's so cool!  Every hole has it's own character to it and the course is pretty much all in front of you.  Great finishing hole as well.  

The Nicklaus Course is definitely harder.  More water comes into play and it's a track you have to play several times to get the right sight lines off the tee.  It's also closer to the bay so wind becomes more of a factor.  Lots of visual tricks to make you think you have less space than you actually do.  Then again, there is a lot of trouble to be had.  This course also features some waste bunkers ["Pro" tip: you can ground your club in these.  And even though there aren't rakes, you can smooth out the sand with your feet.]  Solid finishing hole but there are more memorable ones earlier in the round.  From people who have played here often, they say this course plays about 4 shots harder than the Palmer.  I would agree with that!

The only things I didn't like are there are no replay rates and there are lots of bugs.  The carts have touch screen GPS that are extremely helpful.  The course is relatively walkable and I saw push carts (really nice ones) you can probably rent.  

Definitely a place I want to come back and visit, but I don't mind it being the hidden gem it is now.

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If you have the chance to play this golf course late in the afternoon please do so. A morning round does this place no justice. Sure, the conditions of wear and tear take its toll on the course by the end of the day but being on the water watching the sunset is breathtaking. Being that the place is in BFE relative to all the happenings in HRVA you also don't have much going on in this town. I left the golf course when it was already dark outside and immediately walking out the clubhouse to not a single street light in sight I was left with another experience, a night sky with every star in view.

I got to play a great golf couse in beautiful condition. The sun beautifully set on the water. The little astronomer in me got a 30 second walk to my car of a beautiful night sky. It was a beautiful day!

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One of the most impressive courses in the Virginia Beach area. Although a little bit of a drive to Cape Charles it is well worth it and has wonderful Bay views.  We played both the Palmer and Nickolas courses and loved every minute.  The clubhouse was gorgeous inside as well as out. The practice facility was top notch. Not only were they helpful in assisting with bags and getting us out to the practice area, they provided sunscreen and insect repealant for us since we are guys and forget things like that. I couldn't tell ya to pick one course and play since they both compliment each other so well.  My opinion would be to be a morning flight and then have some lunch and drinks at the clubhouse before starting your second 18 at the other course.  Amazing facility and one that will be on my list again come spring.  Grubs ~

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This is off the beaten path a bit -- but this is a great course -- really beautiful course and a great's worth the drive -- though there also isn't really much in terms of places to stay -- you can drive down from the Ocean City area or VA Beach.

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