B’s On the River

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First of all, I have to say that I grew up in Watertown---the undeniable personification of the ubiquitous small town.  There are no stop-lights, frequent tractor-related traffic hold-ups, and an equal ratio of bars to churches.  

That being said, this restaurant is pretty damn good for small town fare.  I usually go for some variety of hamburger--which are consistently well-prepared and extremely fresh tasting.  (One of the benefits of being surrounded by cow pastures on all sides....)

Their Sunday buffet is also fabulous, with an array of fluffy pancakes, cheese-y potatoes, sweet rolls, and every kind of pork imaginable.  

Overall, great tasting home-cooking that promises to leave no taste-bud unsatisfied and no artery unclogged.

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Pretty good spot to eat.  My burger was huge and very tasty.  The drinks are a little on the expensive side but this is the restaurant on a golf course.  My recommendation from others that had been here before was to avoid the dinners and fancier fare and stick to the bar food.  You'll be dissapointed if you dont.

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