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I played this course yesterday and was very pleased with the overall course layout, conditions, etc. It's only 10 holes currently, so your playing the holes that are open. They now have everything labeled to help guide you between holes. Again this will be fixed when they open all 18.

The back nine holes were finished and looked ready for play. They are performing construction on 18 currently... Looks like everything will be ready in the spring. I can't wait till they open all 18 in the spring...

They have one of the best practice facilities in the DC area that I use 2 or 3 times a week. The course isn't very long more of a shot makers course but it's a good challenge. Not very demanding tee shots (you can use 3 woods and irons on some)... The approach shots are demanding, water on every hole, greens are small, guarded by water and sand traps. Fairway's were like carpet and greens were smooth. This will be a good course in the future, give it a year to mature.

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Played this course last Saturday and I am 100% certain I will not play it again. Sorry guys, nice clubhouse, nice staff, but the course and location did not make for an enjoyable experience. Here are a few things I and my group noted. The layout made no sense at times. On the second or third hole, they already have you making a U turn to get to the next hole. And they do not have a paved spot to make the U turn. Had it not been for someone who joined our group who had played there before, we would have had no clue where to go. At that spot, no signs, nothing readily visible to direct you to the next hole. The distance between holes seemed like miles at times. We did not walk, but if you are a walker, be prepared to hike forever. No way I would walk this course. Also, the carts do not have GPS, the course has virtually zero yardage markers and the scorecard had no helpful information. Playing this course is playing blind, all you could do was try to guess the yardage. This is the only course I have ever played that did not have something to aid you in determining yardages. Given that this course was obviously designed to penalize the golfer heavily for incorrect distance, you would think some help in selecting a club would be given. A course this supposedly "high-end" should invest in GPS. Bare minimum get some yardage markers on the sprinkler heads. The course location is terrible. Right in the path of Dulles Airport. Constant scream of jumbo jets overhead. In addition to the jets, approx. half of the 11 holes are located right next to very busy roads. In my opinion, if you live in NoVA, there are far too many other courses to choose from that will provide you with a much better experience. Our threesome played the available 10 holes and decided to quit for the day. That has never happened before.

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I'll caveat this whole review by saying I'm not a great golfer and haven't been to many other courses around here but have been to some decent courses in my life.

I played 10 holes this past Thursday during the afternoon.  I called two days before and was able to get a tee time pretty easily so that was nice.  Knowing that it was formerly planned to be a private course and seeing it the many times I drove past it, I figured it would be a nice course.  There's definitely a lot of potential for the place.  It could definitely improve, but at this point, only 10 of the holes are open, the layout is screwy, the clubhouse isn't open (although it's supposed to open in a few weeks and I think they are still securing their liquor license).

That afternoon, I called to move my time earlier as my schedule cleared up so I figured it wasn't that busy since they easily moved me.  I checked in for my twosome at 1:45, was sent to the starter, and the starter said we'd have to wait until 2:10 but we could hit the range if we wanted.  I was ok with that, my buddy thought we deserved a courtesy bucket of balls for the almost 30 min wait - so we got 12 balls.  Yay.

It didn't end up being that long before the starter called us back, saying he just wanted to space us out properly so there wasn't much waiting.  Ok - that's cool.  So we take the long drive out to the 1st tee.  And bam - there's a foursome still waiting to tee off ahead of us.  Why did you let a foursome go off instead of letting my twosome go off on time?  Fine.  So we finally get up to the 1st tee and another twosome pulls up right behind us.  Where's the "spacing"?  again, whatever.

So we weren't caught in between, we had the next guys join with us and everything was ok after that.  The course was pretty hard - 8 out of the 10 holes had water in it.  Not really a complaint, it's just dangerous for a novice golfer.  As the first reviewer said, screwy layout - long drives between the holes - and I'm not sure that will be remedied looking at the future layout on their website.  The course itself was looking nice although if they don't keep up on it - I can easily see it falling apart.

All in all - it's got potential.  I think I'll be back - for the driving range, practice area, and the golf was challenging - it'll make me better.  I do hope the clubhouse turns out nice and their logistics get a little better (one of the other guys I played with had similar issues before too).  If so, this place will easily move up another star by me.

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I was disappointed. This is a work in progress and might eventually turn out to be something.

It's called 1757 as that was the year Loudon County was founded. Funnily enough it also corresponds to the number of ball I lost in the god-awful rough and water.

This is a storied course as it is the former Presidential Club - $60K to join, no families allowed, business only. They got 40 Northern Virginia Execs to cough up and then they went bankrupt. It has now been bought by Billy Casper Inc and is a daily fee course , golf clinic and practice facility.

Right now they only have 10 holes and it is $39 to ride for 10, $59 for 20. You really cannot walk because of the crazy lay-out. This is steep and Herndon Centennial at $26 for 18 to ride is a much better value.

Here's what I liked:
- some of the holes are gorgeous and overall you can see it is going to be a great place - eventually
- the drving range is massive and looked great
- some of the fixtures - range caddies, water coolers, are all private club expensive teak and look good
- a couple of nice holes bordering the Washington & O.D. path

Here's what I did not like:
-  screwy layout as they have closed off some holes and are building others so you drive all over the place
- bad signage so it is tough to figure out where to go
- inaccurate and inconsistent distance markers
- killer rough and narrow fairways - it is a tough golf course, with screwy dog legs at every turn. This is not for the casual golfer.
- No frikkin bar ! No food - a refrigerator in the pro shop with $3 water and gatorade
- too many elevated greens with cliffs off the back
- a lot of wear on the tee boxes

It's close to my office so I might be back to check out the practice range, but it will be a year or so before I play here again - Herndon Centennial is a far better bet.

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No comment.

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