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My review isn't about the golf, it's about the event planning and food, and they are as good as it gets in Loudoun County. I planned my husband's surprise 40th birthday party here and the team gave me an organized, classy, perfectly run event.  I wrote a review of that entire experience:


The food here is prepared with care and it shows, even something as simple as the pulled pork sandwich rises above average with savory spices and a crisp, tangy coleslaw to set off the flavors just right. I also give high marks to the crab cakes- not greasy or packed with so much bread crumb that they are less crab than cake.

All of the dishes that were part of my event there were superb- nothing tasted like it came out of a can or a jar. I'm glad they are beginning to host events and highlight the restaurant more, because it's the same price as other Ashburn eateries that have the same type of menu but MUCH lower quality. Foodies, rejoice!

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I originally gave this 4 stars, but after having another 10 weeks of play at the course, I've lowered it to 3 for a few reasons.

1.  The putting green is not open.  People can go along with this for the month of May, when you first opened, or maybe June.  But being told every month "oh next month" and we're midway through August with no putting green open, this is unacceptable.  [UPDATE - PUTTING GREEN NOW OPEN!!!]

2.  There's fair, and then there's fair.  1757 is neither.  After playing South Riding today ($61 via golfnow on a Sat morning!), I felt like I was a world-class golfer.  Granted, I hit 11 of 18 greens at South Riding, but it really truly showed me how difficult and at times merciless 1757 can really be.

Since water is practically on every hole, and the fairways are slim with deep "unfindable ball" rough/fescue a few yards off the fairway, you'll easily lose a sleeve of golfballs even when you're striking it well.

As an example of how unrewarding this course can be, the par5 10th hole is about 540 yards.  If you hit a decent drive, say 270, this leaves you with about 270 to the green, right?  The problem is, your only layup spot is to take it towards the 150 stick, which thus leaves you 140-160 for your third... not ideal on a par 5 now is it?  Otherwise, you're likely getting out some sort of hybrid or fairway wood to carry all the "crap" they fill their holes with on the right.  If your ball happens to land in it, you're done... and you may as well re-hit.  Maybe this style of golf is fun to you, but to me, I at least want the opportunity to be rewarded.  i.e.  allow for a reasonable layup position.

Similar situations also exist on #13, a 440+ par 4.  If you don't at least hit it 240+ in the fairway, you'll be pulling out a 3wood to slam the ball out of the rough to carry a huge pond.  Otherwise, you can lay back and leave yourself a good 120 yards for your 3rd on a par4... fun huh?

Or how about 17... where it seems that 1/3 of the time you either go OB on the left into the practice area/trees, or onto the 10th hole.  Even being on the right half of the hole leaves you dead as you have to carry 150 yards of water to the right half of the green.  Okay... maybe I'm ranting, and maybe I need to get better... so I'll leave you with one more complaint.

Why are 6 of the holes (yes that's 1/3 of the course) still cart-path only 3 months after you've opened?  This is also unacceptable and you'll limit your customer-base to 1-time players.

1757 is otherwise enjoyable.  I'll admit they've made their rates more competative, especially for the player pass.  I live within 5 minutes so the drive is convenient to this course.  

However, I see this place struggling to compete if some of these things are not addressed...  especially the fairness.  People don't want to automatically lose 3-6 golf balls even when they're playing well.  That's about $20 in golf balls if you play ProV or Nike Tour.  Don't forget to factor that into your cost if you play here.

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Went with a buddy of mine to 1757 a couple of weeks ago.  There are a lot of good things and a lot of bad things about this club.  First it's pricey for what you get.  I paid $91 on a weekend which didn't include golf balls or GPS.  The carts are also gas which are loud and unnecessary for a course that's flat.  The range was a little pricey itself and is all artificial turf for non-members.  It was nearly impossible to put a tee into the ground too even though they said you can.  Also they told me the putting green was closed; of course when I passed it going to the back nine there were three people on it.  It did look nice though and had a nice looking chipping area.  Too bad I couldn't use it.  

The course itself is a tale of two halves.  The front nine is wonderfully plotted out and has some gorgeous holes.  The back nine has some good holes too but seems to be crammed all on top of each other.  You end up driving right by a lot of tee boxes over and over again so I wouldn't want to play it when it's crowded.  The greens were like trampolines which makes it tough to get it close but the course conditions were great overall.  

Lastly there is no way to walk this course.  Although the back nine is on top of each other there are long stretches between greens and tees.  Plus the ninth hole and tenth tee seem to be a half mile from each other.  I would say there is good golf to be played here but I would probably only play it once a year.

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We just played here 2 weeks ago, so my review is fresh.

I pulled in, there was no sign of any staff at the bag drop, around 7AM. This is not what I expect from a facility pretending to be a $95/round joint.  

I took my bag with me to their gigantic range and proceded into the proshop, where I informed that their putting green was closed, but I would be expected to pay for range balls. Other high end coursesinclude the range balls and have a putting green. They also have ample staff at the bag drop, range, first tee. When I complained about paying full price for a place and expected full service and ammenities, the club manager comped my range balls.

The range facility would be 5 stars, except for one thing, its turf and there are no places to put a tee in the ground for hitting drivers. The range is large, well marked and has a number of targets. Their grass range looked small and wasn't offered to me.

On course, I thought that they did a good job with the construction. The biggest problem is that they crammed 18 holes into a space which is meant for 15 holes. The tees were in good shape, but the back 9 obviously hasn't been laser leveled like the front 9. The fairways are in good shape, but on the back 9 there are some holes which were soft and we haven't seen much rain. The greens are an enigma. They weren't receptive the full swing short iron approaches, but they rolled fairly slowly. Their sand traps were a little inconsistant, some were well filled others needed a fill.

A little local knowledge, GPS or yardage book would have really helped my score and playing experience. At 6200 yards, there were a lot of 3w/3i tee shots, but its not nearly as annoying as Avenel.

When I encountered staff on the course, they were very good and well trained. Pace of play was almost exactly 4:30 and we could have been a little faster. All around the course, we saw maintenance staff raking traps, trimming around the green, etc. Most local tracks are not doing the small things to keep the course in the kind of condition that warrants a top end greens fee.

There isn't a golf course in DC that isn't over priced and this place is no different. I don't know where people are coming up with $95-120 rounds of golf, but I have to wonder when someplace is going to close.

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Coming along...pretty easy course. Convenient. Will take a couple years to mature properly, but has potential. Curious to see how much they charge for a round once all 18 come on line in May, 2010. For me, this course would not be worth paying more than $45 to play a full round. Nice practice facility, but $13 for a bucket of balls is ridiculous.

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